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All Rise

All Rise aka Spyder

All Rise 2012 World Show

All Rise 2012 World Show

Formal Name: All Rise
Barn Name: Spyder
Bragging Rights: 2012 World Champion Am Jr Cl Hunter Under Saddle (unanimous)
2012 World Champion 3 Yr Old Hunter Under Saddle
2012 NSBA Champion 3 Yr Old Hunter Under Saddle
2012 Southern Belle Champion 3 Yr Old Hunter Under Saddle
2012 Gold Breeder's Futurity Champion 3 Yr Old Hunter Under Saddle
2012 Res. Hunter Under Saddle Challenge Champion
2011 APHA World Show NSBA Sweepstakes Champion 2 Yr Old Non Pro Hunter Under Saddle
2011 APHA World Show Res Ltd. Champion 2 Yr Old Open Hunter Under Saddle
Video Address:
Owned By: Elizabeth Brewer
Born: 2009
Dam: In Good Company (Reserve World Champion Hunter Under Saddle)
Raised By: Elizabeth Brewer
Trained By: Joy & Justin Wheeler


One Fancy Limousin

One Fancy Limousin

One Fancy Limousin

Formal Name: One Fancy Limousin
Barn Name: Halle
Bragging Rights: Her name says it all - she's phenomenal! Halle is amazing - she will be able to do it all!
2010 Oregon Paint Horse Triple Crown Yearling Longe Line winner under all 3 judges
2010 SJPHC - Third overall Yearling Longe Line
2011 Zone One - Third overall 2 Year Old HUS
2012 Zone One 3 & 4 Year Old HUS Futurity Champion
2012 Zone One Circuit Champion Green HUS
2012 Oregon Paint Horse Triple Crown 3 Year Old HUS Futurity Champion
2012 Top 10 APHA Green Horse HUS
2012 APHA World Show 4th 3 Year Old HUS Challenge
2012 APHA World Show 5th 3 Year Old Open HUS
2012 APHA World Show 3rd Gold Breeder's Futurity
Owned By: Kurt and Leslie Ohlau
Born: April 24, 2009
Dam: St Pattys Tall Tale
Raised By: Kurt and Leslie Ohlau
Trained By: Leslie Ohlau & Kip Larson
Above It All

Formal Name: Above It All
Barn Name: Mufasa
Bragging Rights: Mufasa is truly a once in a lifetime horse and we fell in love with him the minute we met him. He has the best personality anyone could ask for and is always willing. He is a joy to own and ride, we truly love him and we are excited to see how far this horse can go. He currently has points in Amateur Showmanship and Hunter Under Saddle. He also has points in the Open and Green Hunter Under Saddle.
Owned By: Katie Lyn McGinnis
Born: 2009
Dam: Bow Zippity
Raised By: Brad Perkins
Trained By: Kallie Abreu-Gonzalez, continued training Carla and Rodger Johnson
All For The Luv Of It

All For The Luv Of It

Formal Name: All For The Luv Of It
Barn Name: Elliot
Bragging Rights: After only acquiring Elliott 3 short months, he was able to win High Point Horse in two different local shows! But more impressive was how he is adored by everyone at our barn, and was able to get adults and teenagers alike, excited and motivated to show their horses! He is an inspiration to our barn family, and everyone is supporting us as we start in next month at the APHA breed shows for 2015. He has been more then just a horse for many of us.... He is our friend, and motivator in doing our best!
Owned By: Cathleen Warner
Born: February 12, 2009
Dam: Make Mine A Mister
Raised By: Our entire barn!
Trained By: Alicia Lettenmaier
Dark Territory

Formal Name: Dark Territory
Barn Name: Murphy
Bragging Rights: APHA World Champion SPB Hunter Under Saddle. Arizona State Champion HUS Open & Amateur
Owned By: Kathy Daily
Born: 2009
Dam: Real Attitude
Raised By: Kathy Daily
Trained By: Heather Meyer
More Than Just Fancy

Formal Name: More Than Just Fancy
Barn Name: Italy
Bragging Rights: Placed 1st in all lunge line classes in Arizona for 2009. Will start his under saddle career in the fall of 2010.
Owned By: Lisa Sanda
Born: April, 2008
Dam: Olive Gold
Raised By: Lisa Sanda
Trained By: Robert Smith
All Four Dancin Fancy

Formal Name: All Four Dancin Fancy
Barn Name: Josh
Bragging Rights: Two Time Reserve Congress Champion - Pinto Color Cash Challenge and Color Cash Challenge Yearling Longe Line; Points in In-Hand Trail and Yearling Longe Line
Video Address:
Owned By: Kurt and Leslie Ohlau
Born: March 29, 2008
Dam: CCR She Be Fancy
Raised By: Kurt & Leslie
Trained By: Leslie
Maybe This Time

Formal Name: Maybe This Time
Barn Name: Bodie (after Bodie Miller the Olympic Downhill Skier)
Bragging Rights: Points in Green Western Pleasure, Green Trail, NA Western Pleasure, Amateur Halter, Amateur Pleasure Driving and Open Pleasure Driving!
2011 NSBA 3 Year Old Open HUS Futurity Champion
(Mid-Atlantic Painted Dream Show).
2011 Pinto World Championship Show: World Champion Amateur Hunter Under Saddle, Top Five Open English Pleasure Huntseat 3 & Under (Finished 3rd w/Peggy Knaus in the irons);
2011 APHA World Show Master Amateur Jr. Hunter Under Saddle Top 10;
Amateur Hunter Under Saddle ROM earner (one show);
Three Top 10's: Open Dressage, Open Halter S/G, and Amateur Sr. English Pleasure.
(Bodie went to two shows this year, and if it weren't for Deb Powers he would not have earned any of these honors. She rode him to his win in N.J. and his open placings at Pinto Worlds. In an exciting turn of events, Peggy Knaus put in a phenominal ride in the 3 and Under class to finish 3rd.)
I don't believe I could own anything but a Nike baby after getting Bodie. I have been riding for a long time and have never had the honor of being around a better minded, better legged, HUGE personality horse like these.
Owned By: Robin MacCormack
Born: March 20, 2008
Dam: Dance With Us
Raised By: The Knaus Family/Brad Perkins
Trained By: Deborah Powers
Good Times At Midnite

Formal Name: Good Times At Midnite
Barn Name: Peyton
Bragging Rights: 2009 Zone 2 Ultimate Yearling Award (In Hand Trail, LL and halter)
2009 Oregon Triple Crown Futurity Reserve Champion
2009 Oregon Bred LL Champion
Owned By: Janet & George Roshak
Born: March 2008
Dam: A Midnight Affair
Raised By: Janet & George Roshak
Trained By: Terri Nicholson
Above All

Formal Name: Above All
Barn Name: Zena
Bragging Rights: 2009 Open Paint World Champion Lounge Line
2010 Top 10 2yr Old Hunter Under Saddle
2011 Top 5 Classic Amateur Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2012 Zone 2 Western Regional Open and Amateur Hunter Under Saddle Circuit Champion and High Point English Horse
Owned By: Catherine and Heather Meyer
Born: March 15, 2008
Dam: Bow Zippity
Raised By: Wes and Judy Coffel
Trained By: Peggy Knaus and Heather Meyer
My All Time Hero

Formal Name: My All Time Hero
Barn Name: Chet
Bragging Rights: 2011 NSBA reserve World champion BCF Hunter Under Saddle
Owned By: Tina L & Reuben H Barrow
Born: February 1, 2008
Dam: Real Fancy N Bright
Raised By: Melissa Mayes
Trained By: Brenda Jeter
Fancy Revolver

Formal Name: Fancy Revolver
Barn Name: Shallow Creek Farm, LLC
Bragging Rights: Reserve World Champion Lunge Line Pinto World Show with limited training.
Pinto World Champion Solid Paint Bred Hunter Under Saddle 2011.
Owned By: Tracy Van Horn
Born: 1/08
Dam: Velvet Revolver
Raised By: Tracy Van Horn
Trained By: Vicki Doty
Especially Fancy

Formal Name: Especially Fancy
Barn Name: Tank
Bragging Rights: Tank got a late start last year, but is more than making up for it! Doing great in California and Arizona, looking forward to the World show in 2015! He is the BEST horse I have ever owned! So beautiful, so smart, and so funny! In 2014 he finished 1st in California in Open Hunter Under Saddle Sr. Horse
Owned/Loved By: Susan DeMeo
Born: 2008
Dam: Aint She The One
Trained By: Susan Rikerd
David Buckham

Formal Name: David Buckham
Barn Name: Rodney
Bragging Rights: 2011 APHA World Champion Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2011 APHA World Show Top 3 Classic Amateur Hunter Under Saddle
2011 World Champion PtHA NSBA English Pleasure 5 & Under
2011 Reichert Color Maturity Champion Open Hunter Under Saddle
Owned By: Megan Jorgensen
Born: 2007
Dam: Worth The Bucks (JC)
Raised By: Gene Gage/Gemma Kaye-Hudson
Trained By: Peggy Knaus
Knockin Em All Out

Formal Name: Knockin Em All Out
Barn Name: DeNiro
Bragging Rights:  
Video Address:
Owned By: Lindsey Valdiviez
Born: 2007
Dam: Knockin It Out
Raised By: Jeff and Lisa Ashner
Im Frankly Fancy

Formal Name: Im Frankly Fancy
Barn Name: Big
Bragging Rights: Pinto World Champion Sr. Amateur English Pleasure
Pinto World Champion NA English Pleasure
Owned By: Jeannie Lipphard
Born: 2007
Dam: Fancy Fame
Raised By: Peggy Knaus/Brad Perkins
Trained By: Marty Dixon 2010
Thee James Dean

Formal Name: Thee James Dean
Barn Name: J.D.
Bragging Rights: Currently 3rd in 3 yr old Hunter Under Saddle.
Has won numerous futurities.
Won 2 Reserve Championships at 2010 Pinto World with Megan.
Was Reserve Non-Pro Futurity winner with Barb.
Owned By: Barbara Messinger
Born: 2007
Dam: Fames Whisper
Raised By: Brad Perkins and Deromedi and Safty
Trained By: Roger Deromedi-Rod Safty and Megan Sassaman
Bikinis N Martinis

Formal Name: Bikinis N Martinis
Barn Name: Carrie
Bragging Rights: This filly is the best! She is doing fabulous with Showmanship, Hunter Under Saddle and Pleasure Driving. Watch for her at California APHA shows and the 2011 World Show!
Owned By: Katie Beaumont
Born: 2007
Dam: Miss Classy Cruiser
Raised By: Rosemary Rosso
Trained By: Kristen Hertsgaard
Fancy My Opinion

Formal Name: Fancy My Opinion
Barn Name: Vito
Bragging Rights: Reserve WC English Pleasure, Hunter Type all ages, 3rd Place Ideal Pinto, Hunter Type All ages, 3rd Place HUS 3 year old and Under.
2009 Pinto World Championship Show.
Owned By: Diane McKeehan
Born: 2007
Dam: Thats My Opinion
Raised By: Rosemary Rosso
Trained By: Debbie Donnelly-Donnelly Show Horses
Too Fancy For Words

Formal Name: Too Fancy For Words
Barn Name: Arrowhead Mountain Ranch
Bragging Rights: 2008/09 Tucson Arizona Cooper Country Paint-O-Rama clean sweep 1st under all 8 judges.
2009 Tulsa March Mania Reserve World Circut Champion 3 year old Hunter Under Saddle.
Futurity Champion 3 & 4 year old Hunter Under Show of the year Rancho Murietta.
Owned By: Lisa Sanda
Born: March 2007
Dam: Roulettes Bonanza
Raised By: Lisa Sanda
Trained By: Karen Qualls & Robert Smith
KLO Two Timen Fancy
KLO Two Timen Fancy

Formal Name: KLO Two Timen Fancy
Barn Name: Timmy
Bragging Rights: Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this incredible horse!
2011 Washington State Paint Horse SPB Super Horse
2011 Zone One Reserve Champion 4 & Under HUS Futurity
2011 Zone One SPB HUS Winner
2011 Sierra Paint Horse Club Reserve Champion 4 & Under HUS Futurity
2011 NWCC Reserve Champion Open SPB High Point
2011 NWCC Champion Amateur SPB
2010 APHA World Champion Amateur SPB Showmanship
2010 APHA World Champion SPB Hunter Under Saddle
2010 APHA Reserve World Champion Amateur SPB Hunter Under Saddle
4th overall Amateur SPB Horsemanship
4th overall Amateur SPB Hunt Seat Equitation
And he accomplished all of this as a 3 yr old!!!
Champion-Open and Breeder's Challenge-Bakersfield 2 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle Futurities;
Reserve Champion-Breeder's Classic 2 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle Futurity-Sierra Paint Horse Club;
4th Triple Crown 2 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle in Oregon;
3 Time Congress Chamption-2 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle-Pinto Color Cash Challenge & Color Cash Challenge;
8th Overall-Paint World Show 2009-Solid Paint Bred Hunter Under Saddle;
Champion Yearling, Lunge Line Oregon Triple Crown Futurity Reserve Champion, Yearling Lunge Line Breeder's Challenge, Bakersfield Futurity 5th Yearling Longe Line, Sierra PHC Breeder's Classic Futurity-Brookside
Owned By: Kurt and Leslie Ohlau and Kristi Duncan
Born: January 27, 2007
Dam: CCR She Be Fancy/489807
Raised By: Kurt & Leslie Ohlau
Trained By: Kip Larson and Leslie Ohlau
Fancy Form

Formal Name: Fancy Form
Barn Name: Daquri
Bragging Rights: Memorial Day Classic Circuit Champion in Novice Youth Showmanship, and 14-18 Hunter Under Saddle in her 5th show ever! 2 Top 5's in Hunter Under Saddle and Western Pleasure, and a Top 10 in Western Pleasure at the Pinto World Championship at her 6th show ever!
Owned By: Allie Radintz
Born: May 2006
Dam: Annverjoy
Raised By: G Wes and Judy Coffel
Trained By: Jeffery Somers
John and All Right All Reddy
All Right All Reddy

Formal Name: All Right All Reddy
Barn Name: Zin
Bragging Rights: We absolutely LOVE Zin!!!! Sweetest horse in the world!
She's a World Champion in 2009 at Youth World!!!!!!
World Champion Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle-AS A THREE YEAR OLD-need we say more about how fantastic her brain is!
Owned By: John Zeldenthuis
Born: 2006
Dam: Reddy For Josie
Raised By: Bauer and Gooding Show Horses
Trained By: and loved by Peggy Knaus
All About The Swing

Formal Name: All About The Swing
Barn Name: Cosmo
Bragging Rights: Novice Horse Slot Class, 2009 Circuit Champion Three Year Old Hunter Under Saddle Tulsa March Mania
Owned By: Michelle and Sheila Bauer
Born: 2006
Dam: Luvs To Zip
Raised By: Carol Brown
Trained By: Garth and Sonnesa Gooding
They R All Wispering

Formal Name: They R All Wispering
Barn Name: Robin
Bragging Rights: He won Landrush & TOVO with Barron Knaus
MO Futurity with Barron Knaus
Owned By: Joe Murphy
Born: 2006
Dam: Fames Whisper
Raised By: Brad Perkins
Trained By: Peggy and Barron Knaus
Livn Large

Formal Name: Livn Large
Barn Name: Mister
Bragging Rights: 2008 PHBA Reserve World Champion Hunter Under Saddle
APHA ROM in Hunter Under Saddle
2007 Utah Paint Horse Club Fall Extravaganza Futurity Champion in Open 2 yr old Hunter Under Saddle and Open 2 yr old Western Pleasure
APHA ROM in Open Longe Line
2006 Rocky Mountain Rendezvous Circuit Champion in Longe Line
2006 Utah Paint Horse Club Fall Extravaganza Futurity Champion in Longe Line
Embryo Transfer baby!
Owned By: Joan Wilson
Born: March 29, 2005
Dam: Makn A Fine Miss
Raised By: Libby Williams-Haydon
Trained By: Marvin and Sue Kapushion
All In

Formal Name: All In
Barn Name: Ace
Bragging Rights: Not only a gorgeous covergirl for a feed ad campaign and billboard supermodel, but also the best darn mare we've ever been around. Look for "Ace" in Senior Western Pleasure with Devon Rose and NovAM with Kasha Ford.
Video Address:
Owned By: Kasha Ford
Born: 2005
Dam: Ima Page Skippa
Raised By: That crazy Ford family
Trained By: Started by Kasha Ford, helped by Vickie Voelz and now with Devon Rose.
All Of It

Formal Name: All Of It
Barn Name: AKA - Fred
Bragging Rights: Champion (2X) Reserve Challenge Champion, NSBA Champion, Reichert Celebration Champion
Owned By: Proudly Owned by the East Family
Born: 2005
Dam: Reddy For Jose (apha)
Raised By: The Bauer & Gooding Partnership
Trained By: Loved, Prepared and Presented (Trained) by Michelle Pearson
All Time Lover

Formal Name: All Time Lover
Barn Name: Tess
Bragging Rights: NSBA World Champion
APHA Reserve Sweepstakes Champion
Owned By: Amy Gillespie
Born: 2005
Dam: Calico Classy Miss
Raised By: Amy Gillespie
Trained By: Fred & Amy Gillespie
An Unfair Advantage

Formal Name: An Unfair Advantage
Barn Name: Gracie, Sis
Bragging Rights: 7 X World & 1 Reserve World NSBA Champion, APHA Reserve World Champion, Countless Circuit, Futurity and Class Championships
Owned By: Jenny Loveland
Born: 2005
Dam: C R Flo
Raised By: Crane Creek Ranch & Kip Larson
Trained By: And loved by Tom Lukenbill
Got Them Whispering

Formal Name: Got Them Whispering
Barn Name: Whisper
Bragging Rights: From the owner: He’s just the best boy we could ever dream of having! He is just the sweetest most gentlest boy we’ve ever owned! Whisper is a solid paint bred western pleasure gelding and we love him! Look for him and Sabrina Janis in Western Pleasure Walk Trot!
Owned By: and loved by Sabrina Janis
Born: 2005
Dam: Fames Whisper
Raised By: Brad Perkins
Trained By: Peggy Knaus
Knockin Boots

Formal Name: Knockin Boots
Barn Name: Destiny or DD
Bragging Rights: 7th in 13 and Under Western Pleasure at the 2008 AjPHA Youth World
8th in Novice Youth Western Pleasure at 2008 AjPHA Youth World
Reserve Congress Champion in 13 and Under Horsemanship at the 2011 World Wide Paint Horse Congress.
Owned By: Joe Murphy
Born: 2005
Dam: Knockin It Out
Raised By: Jeff and Lisa Ashner
Trained By: Peggy Knaus
Timing Is Everything

Formal Name: Timing Is Everything
Barn Name: Rosey
Bragging Rights: Congress Champion with Summer Knaus in the Solid Paint Bred Hunter Under Saddle in 2008.
Sweepstake Champion with Peggy Knaus at the 2008 APHA Open World.
Video Address:
Owned By: Brad perkins
Born: 2004
Dam: Eternal Silk N Satin
Raised By: Brad Perkins
Trained By: Peggy & Summer Knaus
Five Star Fancy

Formal Name: Five Star Fancy
Barn Name: Boomer
Bragging Rights: 2009 MPHC Reserve High Point Open and Youth 14-18
APHA Youth Champion
APHA Youth Versatility
2009 Top Twenty 14-18 #16
2009 Zone Top 5
Multiple High Point awards
Owned By: Blair Joelle Bergeson
Born: 2004
Dam: Reds Tinker Toy
Raised By: Kari Lee Dennis
Trained By: Myself (with the help of many others)
Big Ba Da Boom

Formal Name: Big Ba Da Boom
Barn Name: Boomer
Bragging Rights: 2008 Pinto World Champion Amateur Junior English Pleasure
2008 Pinto Reserve World Champion Open Ideal English
Owned By: Becky Cummings
Born: 2004
Dam: Miss Morning Glory
Raised By: Becky Cummings
Trained By: Several people have contributed to his success
All The Rave

Formal Name: All The Rave
Barn Name: Rave
Bragging Rights: Fancy gelding with a great mind. Love this guy so much!
Video Website:
Owned By: Ashley Jones
Born: 2004
Dam: Almost Skipped Me
Raised By: Ashley Jones
Trained By: Ashley Jones & others

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