All State Side breeding customers are handled personally by Peggy Knaus. Rarely does a stallion owner give personal care to each breeding customer, however Peggy loves the challenge of catching each mare on the first try. She creates a good working relationship with the attending veterinarian and has a vested interest in your satisfaction and success. All European customers will be handled by Saskia Snelting who can be reached at or by text/call at 31(0)638242427 or through facebook pm.


Shipping days:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Please call Peggy @ 816-520-3415 by 10am central time for orders on next day semen.
Counter to counter orders are most successful if a heads up is given the day prior to shipping although not a requirement. We use American Airlines for our Counter to Counter carrier.
Please do not email, facebook or fax to order semen please call or text only 816-520-3415.

Shipping charges:

Overnight (Fed Ex) $275
C to C $400

All Futurity auction/benefit breeding's have a one time $100 fee added to the first shipment sent.
Shipping and Stallion fees are due prior to shipping unless other arrangements have previously been agreed upon. We accept MASTERCARD, VISA and DISCOVER for credit cards. Also Pay Pal

All Time Fancy (Nike) Breeding Contract
All Time Fancy (Nike) Early Booking/Family Contract

All Ways The One (Elivs) Breeding Contract
All Ways The One (Elvis) Early Booking Contract

The 2018 breeding season will begin on February 1st and run through August. Cooled semen will be available every breeding day 2/1 - 6/1 without fail. After 6/1 cooled will be available most breeding days through August. Frozen semen will be available Mon-Friday from 6/1 on when cooled is not. Frozen semen is best if ordered several days in advance as ground shipping is far cheaper than overnight. However overnight shipping is available of course but must be set up by 10 am on the day of the shipment.

If you are a first time breeder, please feel free to call me for tips on the process. The following is a list of some basic things to consider for your mare:
  • Find a vet in your area who enjoys breeding and has good success in the Artificial Insemination process. It may be worth your time to check with a breeder(s) in your area as to who they recommend.

  • Mares need 16 hours of daylight per day in order to have a breedable heat cycle. This happens naturally by about mid March/April. If you wish to breed early you will want to provide the mare with (200 watts) of light every day for 16 hours a day for 60 days. If you wish to breed in February, I suggest you start the light process no later than December 1st. Blankets are helpful, but not a requirement unless your barn gets below 40 at night or is breezy. If the mare is kept slick year round she may not cycle normally when the season starts. It is best to turn off lights and pull blankets for 3 months prior to the above suggest time. So off from September 1st through December 1st then back on for  February breeding time goal. (adjust according to breed month goal)

  • MARICLE - For those of you with mare(s) who have been difficult to settle or keep in foal. It is an herbal, vitamin & mineral supplement I designed to support the broodmares reproductive process. It has shown to be effective where common chemical/medical treatments have not. It contains 17 herbs and several common vitamins/minerals and is 100% natural and safe. It has been used in conjunction with chemical/medical treatments. It is fed once daily with the mares grain. I suggest beginning 30 days prior to breeding. Call Peggy for information and ordering at 816-520-3415.

May all of your babies be healthy and colored!
Peggy Knaus