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Peggy Knaus is an enthusiast of quality horses, focusing the majority of her love and attention towards the American Paint Horse.
She is dedicated to revolutionizing the Paint Horse breed to a more willing hearted and minded pleasure animal with improved conformation and quality of movement. With the assistance of sire, All Time Fancy, this above stated dream is quickly becoming a reality.
Peggy has been encouraged by the response from breeders, vets, purchasers and trainers as to the quality of mind and body of "Nike's" offspring. She is thankful for the support of so many like minded Nike fans across the country. "It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with so many of you."
Peggy's immediate family consists of Derek (96), the motorcycle king and sports enthusiast, Summer (99) with genetically no other choice than "horse crazy" show girl, and Truman (01) the X-box master, computer genius and football player.
Peggy is dedicated first to her children, then to each horse and client. It is her desire to provide the reality out of the dreams of each person she has the great privilege of being associated with in this industry. There is not a more noble creature on earth than the horse. She feels so fortunate to be making a living while doing what incites her passionate nature. "Thank you to all. This is what being alive is all about!"